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KV2000 Windshield Repair Kit

This is the patented KV2000 Kleer-Vu Windshield Repair Kit. Includes heavy duty carrying case, aluminum bridge, stainless steel injector, metal vacuum pump, UV LED curing lamp, 20 UV cure tabs, roll of UV cure tape, carbide scribe, suction cup lube, 20 tip seals with 10 o-rings, 4 razor blades, mirror with a suction cup, 1/2 oz bottle of Repair and Pit & Crack Resins, a rechargeable drill with charger, 10 carbide drill bits, and a training manual. Includes a lifetime warranty on the bridge & injector assembly. Does not include damage caused by misuse, abuse, or acts of nature.
Patent #4-975-037

Retail Cost $495.00

Watch the video below and see how great the kit really works!