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Windshield Repair Supplies

This is the Windshield Repair Supplies page. Prices are retail only. If you are a new or current distributor or wholesaler please contact us for current prices or to set up a new volume pricing contract.

Windshield Repair Resin

1/2 oz. bottle    $20.00
1 oz bottle        $35.00

Windshield Pit & Crack Resin

1/2 oz. bottle    $20.00
1 oz bottle        $35.00

Injector Seal Kit- Comes with 25 injector tip seals & 10 o-rings.    $25.00

UV Cure Tape- 1 two hundred foot roll    $5.00

UV Cure Tabs- ! package of 100 UV Mylar Cure Tabs    $9.00

Suction Cup Mounting Lube- 1oz Jar    $5.00

Carbide Scribe-    $7.00

High Output LED Cure Light with 10' power cord-    $95.00

9W UV Black Light Bulb (High Intensity)-    $27.50

MightyVac Solid Metal Vacuum Pump-    $94.00

Vacuum Hose- completely chemical safe plastic hose    $5.00

Bridge & Injector Assembly- Stainless Steel Injector, Piston with cap, Platform, Knob, and Suction Cup.    $140.00

Stainless Steel Injector- (patented 4-975-037)    $70.00

Piston- stainless steel piston rod    $25.00

Black Plastic Piston Screw Cap-    $25.00

Set of 2 E-Clips for Piston Rod-    $2.50

Bridge w/feet Only-    $55.00

Rubber Feet for Bridge Assembly-    $4.00

Suction Cup for Bridge Assembly-    $15.00

Knob for Bridge Assembly-    $12.00

Rechargeable Drill Motor w/charger-    $65.00

Carbide Drill Bits-    $20.00

Assembled Mirror w/suction cup-    $15.00

Suction Cup for Mirror-    $3.00

V.I.N Etching Sold in Kit Only- (designed for etching flat or auto glass with numbers or designs. Comes with a bottle of etching fluid, 150 stencils, and 50 warning labels.)    $40.00